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DNCv8 CNC Communications Software with In-line Integrated NC Editor
$349.00 DNCv8 Single Seat License
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cable DB9F/DB25M RS232 Null Modem Cables
$29.00 10 FT Item #N10
$39.00 25 FT Item #N25
$89.00 100 FT Item #N100

cableDB25M/DB25M RS232 Straight Cables
6-way switch box Manual Switch Boxes
$99.00 6-Way DB25F Item #SB6

breakout boxRS232 Breakout Box
$49.00 Item #bb1

USB to RS232 Adapter Keyspan 19HS Texas Instruments Chipset USB Serial Adapter
$64.00 DB9M Item #USB1

USB to RS232 Adapter GearMo FTDI Chipset
$59.00 DB9M Item #USB2

Software Licensing Terms License Key is required to use software; key is not usually provided until after software installation. Submission of computer metadata (MAC, etcetera) is required by end-user. Hardware dongle devices are not used. Purchase is limited to license to use software only, not of software itself. Purchaser will not own software, just license to use it. Upgrade to DNCv8 and above is not included with this license purchase. A separate license must be purchased for each computer. Crashed/replacement hard drives are reactivated at no charge up to 5 years from original purchase as long as end-user has saved receipt number. No charge reactivation period will be extended beyond 5 years if end-user provides receipt number dated past November 31, 2014. Sihler Engineering does not provide a software manual for DNCv8, free phone support is offered in lieu of manual. Help via Remote Desktop is also provided to registered users. Software is provided "As-Is", no warranty, user assumes all risk of using software. User must accept EULA to use software.)

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