About Sihler Engineering / dncsoftware.com

Sihler Engineering began developing DNC software in 1995. Our goal was to make a simple program to replace HyperTerminal and ProComm.

Today we continue to develop and support our own program in the U.S.A. We offer free phone support and have a very high success rate of solving communication problems.

We also offer advice on the correct usage of RS232 cables, supplies, and accessories.

We are located in Camarillo, California, about 7 miles from Haas Automation factory.

Our employees have experience from previous employment at Seagate Technologies, Mori Seiki USA, Haas Automation, and other major machine tool manufactures.

Prominent Customers

Sihler Engineering / dncsoftware.com
234 Lightwood Street
Camarillo California 93012
Phone / Text: (805) 419-0226
Email: support@dncsoftware.com

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